‘Check’ this out!

Check for me has always been the pattern reserved mostly for autumn and winter, but it was always hard for me to say goodbye to it as spring was coming. This is why I am very happy to see check as one of main trends for this season. You can wear one checked item with plain t-shirt, mix with different pattern or go checked from top to toe. Options are endless. As weather in England wasn’t great a few days ago I chose to wear my checked trousers with favourite wool jumper that kept me warm and its gold buttons made lovely detail. I added big statement earrings, shiny baker boy hat, straw bag, fishnet tights and chunky shoes.

What is the best about all outfit? Total cost closes below £20. No, I’m not lying!

You don’t have to spent fortune on clothes even if you want to keep up with fast changing trends. I buy mine mostly in charity shops, second-hand shops, eBay, vintage kilo sale, etc. There are still people out there who will say that second hand shopping is odd, but for me it’s absolutely great. The best example is jumper I’m wearing -Lyle&Scott 100% pure lambswool – high quality and the price about the same as 2 pairs of tights in the cheapest store you can find.


  • Lyle&Scott jumper – £2 ( second-hand shop )
  • River Island trousers – £3 ( BHF charity shop )
  • New Look shoes – £3.50 ( Scope charity shop )
  • Straw bag – £1 ( second-hand shop )
  • Baker boy hat – £2 ( Mind charity shop )
  • Statement earrings – £3 ( eBay )
  • Fishnet tights – £1.50 ( Primark )
  • Watch & ring – vintage

phot. Brendan Scott

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