Oh spring, my dear friend!

I don’t know if I’m dreaming or England welcomed spring for real. It feels like yesterday when everything was covered in snow for a week and all country was in pure panic mode and today we’re roasting in over 20 degrees. Sun is shining and you just want to jump in the car and go to the beach!

So we did last Saturday. It wasn’t warm enough to put bikini on and lay on the beach all day, but it was lovely enough to walk around beautiful sea town, eat fish and chips at the sea front and enjoy the sun. I was very impressed how beautiful Broadstairs is. First thing I saw even before getting out of the car was stunning panoramic view of the sea. Another thing was the music which turned out to be a man playing a guitar and singing at the square, who caught attention of quite many people, who sat around and listened to his music. We had a great fun at the Arcade where we played games and we won many tickets, which turned out to be not so much when we saw what prize we got for them, but… it’s all about having fun, right ? 🙂 The most beautiful part of the town for me was the beach, because it was rather unusual. However, my shoes did not pass the test if it comes to walking there. I was slipping all the time so I had to try very hard to keep balance, but it was worth it! 🙂

Today I’m showing you mix&match of patterns and colors. If it comes to price it makes a bit of a contrast to my last outfit, but there is more to come of 100% second-hand outfits.

Enjoy! Tell me what you think in comments! 🙂


  • New Look velvet set – £3.50 ( Cancer Research Charity Shop )
  • Stradivarius floral midi skirt – £10
  • Vintage burgundy leather bag – £1 ( second-hand shop )
  • Primark polka dot tights – £2
  • Nike Air Force 1 07 Velvet – £79.99

IMG_4844IMG_4884IMG_4840IMG_4856IMG_4874IMG_4920IMG_5005phot. Brendan Scott


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