Blast from the past

Spring time is definitely the best for wearing pastels. It’s not a surprise then that designers brought them back for another season. I personally always used to choose only pink or blue because I didn’t feel that other pastel colours suited me, but it’s changed. I don’t think anymore that there are any rules in fashion. You can mix & match different colours, patterns, shapes. The sky is the limit! That’s why I love it so much. I was very surprised how good I feel in yellow or green or even flared trousers that I never thought I could wear because of me being rather a small person.

Today I went full vintage as I found this gorgeous dress in Oxfam shop I couldn’t resist. And it was for fiver so the price made me want to get it even more 😀 I think when you wear pastels it’s like you blend with nature. All those beautiful blooming flowers, blue skies and shining sun that she gives us 🌸🌺🌼 I don’t mind winter but spring is definitely my favourite season of the year. 💛

I hope you enjoy sunny days as much as I do 😊☀️

Enjoy and let me know what you think in comments 😃IMG_5067

  • Berketex vintage maxi dress – £5 ( Oxfam charity shop )
  • Asos pink velvet shoes – £6 ( eBay )
  • Floral choker necklace – £2.50 ( Demelza charity shop )

IMG_5149IMG_5125IMG_5204IMG_5131IMG_5216IMG_5172IMG_5148IMG_5077IMG_5102IMG_5083IMG_5101IMG_5063phot. Brendan Scott


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