Flared Dream

When I was a little girl the trend for flared jeans came around. To be honest I am not sure if this was a trend at that time, but my cousin had a pair of perfect light blue very wide flared trousers and as she was my ‘person to follow’ I had to have a pair like this. So I begged my mum to get me those jeans too. She took me to street market in my little town, that took place every Thursday . We didn’t find exact the same pair as my cousin’s, but at the end of the day I had my perfect pair and I was the happiest little girl. 🙂 A few years later when I stepped into my teenage life, skinny jeans took over. The tighter the better. That was the hard one for me. Of course, I wanted to follow the trend and of course, my mom did not have money every time I wanted something new. High street brands, as much as people like to say, may be affordable, well, for us they were not and I wasn’t into clothes from street market anymore. So I found my way to follow fashion. I was already familiar with second hand shops. It wasn’t possible at that time to find skinny jeans there, because it was something new, but there was another way around. I bought a pair of good old flared trousers for a few quid and my best friend’s mom turned them into skinny jeans for a few extra pennies. I carried on like this for next few years and I literally swore I would never wear wide leg trousers agai, but trends are going around in circles so I’m very happy I didn’t keep teenage-me promise to myself and I wear flared jeans again and I love it. 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think in comments 😉IMG_5448

  • Vintage floral shirt – £1.49 ( British Heart Foundation charity shop )
  • Laura Ashley flared blue jeans – £5 ( eBay)
  • Vintage green suede belt – £3 ( Demelza charity shop )
  • Vintage leather patchwork bag – £4.50 ( charity shop )
  • Schuh brown leather ankle boots – £6 (Age UK charity shop)


phot. Brendan Scott


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