Back to basics

While the weather stopped spoiling us and I had to put on a coat, my family in Poland is roasting in 25 degress and I’m absolutely jealous. But I’m not being dramatic as my holiday is coming soon. I’m going to take all the summer clothes out and enjoy it very much so I’m actually happy to do some cold weather outfits before that.

Everyone knows that perfect beige trench coat is one of basics in every woman’s wardrobe. If you want to buy good quality coat you have to spend quite a bit on it. Well, unless you look hard enough or you’re lucky like I was when I found this brand new coat in Rochester Oxfam charity shop. Bargains are out there all the time and just wait to be discovered. So don’t be ashamed, find your local charity shops, take a dip into them and find your bargains. This might not sound great, but it is indeed killing two birds with one stone. Saying this nicely – finding your perfect items and doing something good as raising money for charity.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in comments. 😉


  • M&S Beige Trench Coat – £14.99 ( Oxfam charity shop )
  • Vintage Denim Shirt – free ( old boyfriend’s dad’s shirt )
  • Timberland Brown Boots – £5 ( Sue Ryder charity shop )
  • Statement Necklace – £1 ( Oxfam charity shop )
  • Burgundy Leather Bag – £1 ( second- hand shop )
  • Burgundy Tights – £3 ( Primark )


phot. Brendan Scott

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