Less is better on summer days

If you love vintage like I do and you want to find unique items, the first thing I’d recommend is go to your mum’s and grandma’s wardrobe. I think people of older generations had more respect for everything including clothes and I bet you’d find beautiful items from 20 years ago or older in perfect condition. The dress I’m wearing is perfect example. I’ve had it in my wardrobe for good few years and my mum had it long before giving it to me. I remember her wearing it on days like today when less is definitely better so you don’t boil in the heat. 🙂

So go ahead and ask your mums and grandmas if they have something they don’t want. You’d be surprised what you can find. 🙂

Enjoy! Tell me what you think and share your vintage finds 😊IMG_6524

  • Vintage Floral Cami Dress – from mum’s wardrobe
  • Vintage Style Sunglasses – £2 ( charity shop )
  • Next Leather Brown Belt – £2 ( charity shop )
  • Handmade Leather Shoes – £5 ( Demelza charity shop )
  • Vintage Bucket Bag – £2.50  ( charity shop )
  • Select Choker Necklace – gift

IMG_6737IMG_6564IMG_6860IMG_6575IMG_6946IMG_6502IMG_6695IMG_6847IMG_6903IMG_6846IMG_6494phot. Brendan Scott

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