Italian escape vol.1 AMALFI

I remember first time I saw a photograph of Positano. Even though I had no idea what was the name of this place, I knew raight away I want to visit there one day. I was absolutely amazed! A few months ago when I started thinking of this year’s holidays my boyfriend kept watching “Gino’s Italian Escape” and somehow I joined him. After this, the choice of place was obvious: Italy! But then where exactly, because there’s so many stunning places! At the end we chose Naples. So I started searching internet for all the great destinations to visit around it. And then I found Amalfi Coast and there it was: picture of a town that I wanted to see for a very very long time. This is how Naples got pushed away for another occasion and I searched for good and… affordable place to stay. Believe me it’s not that easy as Amalfi Coast is full of rich people who are willing to pay big money to stay in one of famous towns at the sea front. Well, I’m not one of them, but it didn’t make me give up. I don’t mind walking long distances or taking public transport so I found a little B&B in San Lazzaro, Agerola. Ten minutes walk away from view point where you can see beautiful panorama of the coast and… I wake up in the clouds every morning, literally! 😃

The day after arriving, we took a long 3 hour walk to Amalfi. It might sound crazy but it was totally worth it. We walked about million steps down to the coast, walked past many lovely Italians and saw places sent straight from heaven. I think if we had a car or took public transport all the time, we’d miss out on a lot of things.

Amalfi itself is absolutely lovely old town, however I’m not sure if the crowd ever disappears from there. With it or without it you can still enjoy it a lot. After 3 hours walk, we were starving so first thing in my head was obviously delicious Italian pizza! 😊 After that we needed to relax on the beach. I have to say that knowing how small the beach in there is, I thought it could be completely full, but I was wrong. Most people coming to Amalfi don’t seem to even think of laying on the beach. I take it as an advantage. 😊 After a good laying and trying to even out my t-shirt sun tan we walked into town. Little streets are filled with lovely old buildings. On the main square you’ll find beautiful cathedral and an old fountain, as well as lots of little boutiques, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. You can eat everything from homemade sandwiches, pasta, pizza to beautiful locally made ice cream …or should I say : gelato ? 😊 I bet there’s much more, but you can’t try everything in such a short time.

There’s one thing I forgot to mention. While we were walking to Amalfi, we noticed that the closer we were the more lemon trees we could see. It’s not a surprise that Italians grow lemons, but there were absolutely huge amounts. It all cleared out after our perfect pizza when waiter gave us a little something to try: lemon liqueur also known as limoncello. It is Amalfi special and it is really good! So if you ever visit Amalfi, don’t forget to try! 🙂

If you’ve ever been to Italy share your experience in comments and let me know what you think 😊

  • Vintage pleated maxi skirt – £4 (eBay)
  • Forever 21 cream ribbed t-shirt – £1 (Shelter charity shop)
  • ZARA red leather bag – £6 (Oxfam charity shop)
  • Dune gold and cream striped espadrilles – £4.50 (Cancer Research charity shop)
  • Vintage headband/scarf – £1 (Vintage Kilo Sale)
  • Statement earrings – £3 (eBay)


  • 4313920640_img_7539

phot. Brendan Scott & Me


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