Italian escape vol.2 FIORDO DI FURORE

Coming back from holidays is never easy to do. I may be back in my everyday reality, but my heart is still in Italy and I have a lot to share. 🙂

Every day on Amalfi Coast started the same, but at the same time every day was exceptional. We woke up in the clouds in our little B&B, 630 metres over the sea level. It was obvious for us to miss breakfast, so we grabbed something from the shop and we headed to another beautiful place. I love to lay on the beach and relax, but seeing something different every day is much better. It’s adventure! It’s exploring the world! The more places you visit, people you meet the more you learn and richer you are. Three hours walk to Amalfi on our first day made me realize how many muscles are in my legs, but it didn’t discourage me to do the same thing next day. The place we went to might be my favourite from all places we have seen. Stunning beach in between mountains, old little buildings – built in rocks and clear blue sea water – all this has amazing charm that I can’t explain. It will always stay in my heart and my head and I hope to come back there some day in the future again… but of course it has to wait, because I already have a long list of places to visit next, so I can only hope my life will be long enough to see them all. 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂IMG_7661

  • New Look Cream Crop Top – £3 ( eBay )
  • Flared Cropped Grey Trousers – £5 ( outlet )
  • Straw Hat – £5.99 ( British Heart Foundation charity shop )
  • Straw Bag – £1 ( charity shop )
  • Dune Striped  Espadrilles – £3.50 ( Cancer Research charity shop )
  • Bracelets ( gift )

IMG_7713IMG_7849IMG_7883IMG_7726IMG_7716IMG_7864IMG_7710IMG_7580IMG_7601IMG_7887IMG_7857IMG_7899IMG_7637phot. Brendan Scott & Me

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