Italian escape vol.3 Path of the Gods & Positano

If you ever end up visiting Amalfi Coast and I bet you will, you have to take a walk on the Path of Gods to get the best views of the coast. Unless you’re extreme sports person you can always go on parachute or go rock climbing and probably do a lot of other extreme things and see all the amazing views from even higher point. We chose non-extreme version. We started walking from Agerola and after about 4 hours we ended up in Positano. In the meantime we got to enjoy lots of sun and stunning views which you can see below on photgraphs, but seeing it IRL is much better – trust me on this. I encourage every each one of you who reads this post to visit this place. 🙂

When you go to Positano, you don’t really want to be sat on the beach all day. You want to go and explore little streets filled with colorful old buildings where local artists sell their paintings, photographs , handmade jewellery, etc. When I go on holidays, I always love to bring something back with me. It has to be local and beautiful so I keep it for a very long time so it always reminds me about this place I visited. This time my priority was to see as much as I could and as I was on a budget and limited luggage weight, I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Well, it didn’t go as I planned. I walked into one little boutique and I found something what wasn’t cotton shirt for almost £150. I stuck to my tradition and I brought this beautiful locally made dress and I have no regrets. It’s just perfect! 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think in comments 🙂IMG_8863

  • Lee Cooper denim jacket – £4 (charity shop)
  • Black Skinny Jeans – £10 (Primark)
  • Orange vest top – £1 (Shelter charity shop)
  • Zara red leather bag – £6 (Oxfam charity shop)
  • Converse burgundy trainers (gift)
  • Golden necklace – £2.50 (charity shop)
  • White dress – £30 (Made in Positano)

IMG_8603IMG_8645IMG_8580IMG_8738IMG_8685IMG_8715IMG_8749IMG_8598IMG_8769IMG_8850IMG_8592IMG_8911IMG_8803IMG_8914IMG_8916IMG_8918IMG_8087IMG_8923IMG_8103IMG_8043IMG_7947IMG_8260IMG_7940IMG_7935IMG_8068IMG_8839IMG_8181IMG_8926IMG_8032IMG_7942IMG_8268IMG_8223IMG_7906phot. Brendan Scott & Me

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