Italian escape vol.4 Atrani

Today’s time for the last post with stunning scenery of Italian Amalfi Coast. Atrani is absolutely adorable town with it’s old buildings, beautiful beach and it is the most quiet place we visited. Waves breaking on the rocks give this place even more charm. It’s perfect for times when you’re tired of constant crowd in the town Amalfi. All you have to do is take a 10 minutes walk through tunnel and you’re there. You can relax! 😊

I’m over the moon that I got to see place of my dreams and tick this on my bucket list. Amalfi Coast will stay in my heart forever! Now it’s time to think of next destination. 🙂

Share in comments what places you got to visit so far 🙂

  • Lee Cooper Denim Jacket – £4 (charity shop)
  • Red Herring Yellow Tunic – £2 (Cancer Research charity shop)
  • Grey Cropped Flared Trousers – £5 (outlet)
  • Vintage Navy Bag – £3.50 (Charity shop)
  • ZARA Striped Shoes – £4 (eBay)
  • Red Sunglasses – £2 (Primark)
  • Green Statement Earrings – £1 (eBay)

phot. Brendan Scott & Me

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