Free your inner child!

Dungarees and messy hair are my goals if it comes to memories from childhood. Even if dungarees are one of the coolest trouser styles now, it’s always gonna be a reminder of wild and free little me running around streets and woods with my friends and cousins until sunset. Two days ago my numbers went up, what means I’ve been an adult for 5 years now. I’m asking myself: “really??”. I’m definitely not feeling it 😜 I don’t think anyone ever feels 100% adult. Obviously we do all the things we have to do: working, paying bills, rent, etc. At the end of the day we have to live and no one’s gonna do all those important things for us. But let’s be honest no one wants to just be responsible and serious all the time and I think that we all have our own ways to free this child living inside of every single one of us. In Poland on 1st of June we celebrate children’s day. It’s not just for little kids. It’s the time when parents remember that no matter how old their kids are, they’re still their kids and hearing words: “Happy children’s day my daughter!” from my mum makes me smile and remember that being a child is an amazing thing. 😊

Enjoy! 😃

  • Vintage Denim Dungarees – £6 (eBay)
  • White Lace Crop Top – £3 (eBay)
  • Levi’s Vintage Denim Jacket – £4 (charity shop)
  • Vintage Navy Bag – £3.50 (BHF charity shop)
  • Nike Airforce 1 – £50 (JD)
  • Socks – £1.50 (Primark)
  • Red Sunglasses – £2 (Primark)

phot. Brendan Scott

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