Welcome to vintage town

You know these days when you don’t have to work and you just want to get out of your everyday grey surroundings and go to some magical world with unicorns, rainbows and positive vibes only? Yes, well as far as I’m aware of unicorns don’t exist , rainbows only appear in presence of rain (no, thank you! I’m happy with current weather :), but positive vibes… it only depends on us! 🙂 Magical world might be a thing that we only see in cartoons or fantasy films, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t feel like we are in one in the real world. Mother nature does some incredible things and when you put it together with a charm of a lovely old town, it makes beautiful composition. It’s like art and it feels like magic. One of my favourite places like this is Rye in East Sussex, England. I found it last year while scrolling through Instagram and I instantly fell in love. Even more when I actually went there. It’s filled with little old houses and they don’t only look old but they have lots of history in them and you can feel amazing atmosphere. Add to it endless amount of flowers and plants of any kind and color and here you have magical old world with “rainbows”! 😀

As every one of you knows by now, I love vintage so vibes coming from this town are just perfect for me, but it’s not just the way it looks or feels. If you going there and thinking of little vintage or antique shopping, this is the perfect place. There are about 10 or more antique shops with beautiful furniture. Thinking of fashion, you’d definitely find a lot of jewellery and accessories. As for me, I wouldn’t miss a few charity shops while exploring pretty street of Rye. You never know what you can find! 🙂

For hot summer weather I picked silk light shirt found in my mum’s wardrobe, lace cullotes, silk scarf and espadrilles – pretty and comfortable- perfect for exploring new places. 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂IMG_9417

  • Vintage silk shirt – from mum’s wardrobe
  • Warehouse lace cullottes – £3.49 (British Heart Foundation charity shop)
  • Laura Ashley silk scarf – £1.99 (Oxfam charity shop)
  • Dune striped espadrilles – £4.50 (Cancer Research charity shop)
  • Vintage white leather bag – £3 (charity shop)
  • Statement earrings – £0.99 (eBay –> here)

IMG_9795IMG_9380IMG_9422IMG_9626IMG_9849IMG_9733IMG_9649 (2)IMG_9465IMG_9663IMG_9735IMG_9438IMG_9723IMG_9390IMG_9519IMG_9527IMG_9535IMG_9391IMG_9402IMG_9368IMG_9389IMG_9698

phot. Brendan Scott & Me

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