Create your own happiness.

There are days when I visit new places and I automatically feel inspired and I just want to tell all about it to people. However, most days I just have to stay within my everyday sarroundings and find inspiration within me. I used to complain a lot about place I live in right now, as it’s not the place I want to be in, but then, I realised that complaining and negativity just makes me miserable and unhappy. I decided to change my attitude and it was the best decision I’ve made so far. I focused on present time and I thought of all the things that are positive and good in my life right now, but I also set my goal for the future. This way I’m able to live happy life right now, but it gives me something to look forward to as well.

Staying positive and living happy life doesn’t mean there are no bad days at all. Life surprises us all the time, that’s why sometimes we feel great and sometimes we feel sad, angry, upset. One day we laugh and another day we cry a river.

Here are a few things that help me stay positive:

  • Affirmations: believe me saying to yourself that you’re beautiful, amazing, worthy etc works wonderfully (and it’s got nothing to do with being narcissistic) 😊
  • Gym: everyone knows that any sport is purely good. I’m not some kind of a fitness, gym lover, but I love the feeling when I work out. I feel happier, healthier and exited. Also it’s a remedy for bad days.💪
  • Music: I can’t sing or play any instrument, but listening to music is my therapy. I don’t have my favourite kind of music, I listen to any song that sounds beautiful to me.🎶
  • Not overthinking: if something bad happens, it’s done. I can’t change it in anyway. I can be angry or upset for a while, but after that I accept it as it is and move on with my life.✨
  • Focusing on good things in my life and being thankful for them😊

I decided to share this on my blog, because people usually think, that being positive is quite hard thing to do. It’s not. Just try it 😊

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.” ❤️

Outfit is mostly second hand as always 😁

– Zara Floral Trousers – £7 ( eBay )

– Ruffle Top – £1 ( Scope charity shop )

– Vintage Handbag – £2.50 ( Cancer Research charity shop )

– Earrings – New Look

phot. Kerri Waters

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