Who inspires you?

There’s been chaos in my mind lately. I’ve been thinking about many things in the present and also there’s so many things to look forward to, that I couldn’t focus. So a couple of days ago I needed a reset. I caught up on sleeping, I went to the gym and tried meditation for the first time. It helped me to clear my mind, so I live in the present without overthinking. But, there’s one thing on my mind, which I can’t wait to happen. In a week’s time I’m gonna see and hear my one true idol for the first time live and I’m so excited, I decided to write why I admire her so much.

When I was a teenager I watched tv series “Glee”. I got so hooked on it, that my mum thought I was crazy. When I wasn’t watching it, I’d listen to songs from it or I’d talk about it, especially one specific character – Rachel Berry. Back then it was just me being crazy about the series and the story it was telling. I even remember crying when it came to an end. I’m 23 now and my playlist is still filled with songs from “Glee” and I listen to them on daily basis. Once the tv show finished I’d come back to some episodes from time to time. Then Lea Michele, who played Rachel Berry released her first album and then second one which I love and can’t stop listening to. From the beginning of the series I knew there was something special about her, something to look up to. Anyone who heard her singing at least once, would say she has a voice of an angel. As I watched many of her interviews and performances, I could always see, that she sparkles and I could feel so much positivity from her. I love the fact that even though she has her career and she’s very busy touring right now, what she values the most is family and traditions. I think it’s very important in the fast paced world we live in to not loose what’s the most important to us. In my life I don’t want to be anything else, but the best version of myself, but her determination, hard work, body positivity, healthy lifestyle, values and simply living happy life are my everyday inspiration.

Let me know in comments who’s your biggest idol ! 😊

  • Vintage floral shirt – eBay (preloved)
  • Burgundy biker jacket – charity shop
  • Floral midi skirt – Stradivarius
  • Black hat – charity shop
  • Burgundy leather belt bag – second hand shop
  • Silver shoes – Scope charity shop
  • Fishnet tights – Primark
  • Earrings – Primark
  • phot. Kate Wojda & Julia Kutyła
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