Creativity killer.

For about a month now I’ve been completely overwhelmed by job hunting. Many of you have most probably been in that situation more than once in your life. You have to write a good CV to catch the attention of potential employer, then you have to search for those jobs you want to apply for. Most of the time it’s easy, but when some applications take just one click, other ones can take up to 2 hours. Time flies by when you realize you got sucked in the madness of constantly looking for new job listings and applying, applying…. applying …… boring! Well, it can get boring, but if you have a goal set and you promised yourself you will make your dreams come true, you have to do that boring part for a while in order to create amazing life you want. Job hunting itself doesn’t have to be boring, in fact I found the interesting part of it – interviews. Why? Because it leads to meeting and talking to new people. But the thing I want to write about today is STRESS.

Stress in general in any life’s difficult situations. In my case this stress when you just started applying for jobs and after just a few days you don’t hear back from any of them.  Even though you know that finding a job takes time, you start overthinking that maybe you’re not good enough or that there’s probably something wrong with your resume…etc. Overthinking leads to stressing over nothing and this leads to self-doubt and low self-worth. I’m being real here – I got caught up in this and it completely blocked my creativity. One of my intentions for this year was to be more consistent especially with my blog and I’ve disappointed myself so far. Overthinking and stressing are toxic. As much as I praise positive life and turning negatives into positives I sometimes forget myself. Good news is – EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY TOO START FRESH WITH BEGINNER’S APPROACH. 😊✨

  • Vintage Trench Coat – £9.99 BHF charity shop
  • Mango Zebra Print Knitted Jumper – £4.50 Demelza charity shop
  • Faux Leather Mini Skirt – £3 eBay
  • New Look Black Chunky Shoes – £3.50 Scope charity shop
  • Cross body Black Bag – £16 New Look
  • Vintage Leather Green Belt – £3 Demelza charity shop
  • Scarf – £7 Mohito
  • Beige Hat – £4 BHF charity shop
  • Earrings – £1 Primark

Phot. Brendan Scott & Me

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