Are you ready ?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of us people waiting for the “right moment” to do things we really want to do. By “right moment” I mean when we have more time, money, when we are in this “good place” and there is many more excuses we make… and I wonder why?? I think you all know what I’m talking about. I don’t even want to mention how I abandoned my blog, but I think in order to progress with it, I need to address that. I thought I lacked creativity over past few months. Searching for a job took a lot of my time, then moving to London, starting the new job, looking for a place to live and meeting a lot of new people along the way was very time consuming. That’s right. But still… I love the fact that I have my own little space in the big internet world where I can share with you anything I want, anything that inspires me, makes me happy or other way: sometimes things don’t go well so I could just get real about it and say it to the imperfect world. We choose how to deal with things that are going on in our lives and this is what has a real impact on it: our own actions, what others do doesn’t matter. If you want to do something, do it now, because tomorrow might not come so there’s no time to wait until you’re “ready”.

Let me know how you push yourself to do things you think you’re not ready for in comments 😉 let’s inspire each other and stay with me for more posts 😉

P.S. Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, London is a must see 💚

Outfit almost 100% preloved as usual ( charity shops rock 💕)

I found this Levi’s jacket in one of charity shops back in Kent when I used to live there for just £4 ❣️ Only not long ago I decided to rework it a little and now can’t stop wearing it 💙

Phot. Kerri Waters & Me


  1. How I push myself to do things when I think I am not ready , I read a specific book about psychology and than it reminds me that is just a chemical reaction from my brain , and I don t have to be in the mood to do something. My brain works in 24 hours cycle and never jump to the next day.

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