The statement that changed my perspective.

I am guilty. I am a Pinterest maniac. We all have our guilty pleasures and this is mine. Especially in moments like my lunch break or when I get home and drink my favourite Earl Grey tea with soya milk and just relax, but feel the need for some inspiration, I like to do some scrolling through the app. I love finding those long meaningful quotes about life that very often calm my wandering Gemini mind. Sometimes though, for a change, two or three powerful words can hit you much stronger than a whole book of wisdom. This one worked for me:

Evolving involves eliminating.

Over past two or three weeks I was struggling big time and I felt like a mess. Literally. I was physically exhausted and mentally drained to the point when I almost passed out on the tube once and my performance at work went downhill. In times like this it’s way to easy to shift to negative thinking and allow it to poison your mind. From what I’ve experienced so far I can say it comes in waves, there are good and bad times, there are ups and downs. It’s not some new or brilliant idea. It’s just a way of life and we’ve all experienced that. The golden mean is to swim through every wave that comes at you. Experience every feeling, emotion that come with it. In one simple word – vulnerability. As I’ve learned from amazing book by Brené Brown “Daring Greatly: How the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.” it’s the key to fully experiencing life. Without it we’re just skin and bones or brainless and soulless zombies just existing, not living. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and go out to the world, you meet different people, you do different things along the way and that’s how you learn what serves you and what doesn’t. This is where ‘elimination’ comes in. As you’re vulnerable and you allow yourself to feel everything, you learn where those feelings and emotions come from and you address that. In moment of realising that, it’s important to recognise sources of this unwanted negativity so you know what you need to eliminate from your life in order to focus on positives which will instantly make you more confident, happy and it will help you evolve and pursue your goals and dreams.

As you gain confidence in yourself, red flags are no longer red flags. They are deal breakers.

Eliminate everything that gives you conflicted feelings. Embrace the things that resonate with your soul.

Phot. Evi Mal & Me

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