The beauty of Ancona.

They say: ” Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”… and they say it for a reason.

The destination of my holiday this year was strongly determined by the low budget. Moving twice in the past 6 months and the fact I was moving to London had a huge impact on it. But who said you can’t have an amazing holiday?? If anyone thinks this way – go ahead, but It definitely doesn’t apply to me. I love travelling, but never in my life I had this strong need to get away. I chose Ancona in Italy. Apparently it’s a very strange location to travel to. People usually go there only to catch a ferry to other destinations so they don’t go past the industrial part which is the station and the port. Well, they certainly miss out on a lot of charm and beauty. I guess I’m lucky to have a very curious mind, so the less I know about something the more interesting it is to me.

When I arrived I was already about 30 hours without sleeping… I was exhausted! However, I wasn’t gonna waste a day sleeping. I decided to explore that strange city that no one really is interested in and (surprise!) I instantly fell in love. I kind of just kept walking. Started from the centre which is very beautiful and then made my way up through tiny little streets and I loved it even more. I’m not an architecture maniac, but I appreciate art and stunning colourful buildings steal my heart every single time! As I was walking up and up the view of the city started to show … it was amazing. The weather was just perfect so I appreciated the view with the sun on my face. When I reached the top of all streets I found little old gate leading to the park and if you walk through it , this is when you reach the top of the city and you have an amazing panoramic view. On one side city of Ancona with all those beautiful buildings , the port and station. It’s very picturesque. On the other side you see cliffs and crystal clear turquoise sea which makes you want to just sit, relax and breathe… so this is what I did. 💙

If you ever decide to visit Ancona be prepared to hear the question: “Why Ancona??!!” at least a few times during your stay.

It’s also good to note that learning a few basic sentences in Italian could be quite helpful… otherwise you’ll end up like me and my friend who when asking a local person a question in English were left still completely oblivious after trying everything in our power to understand the answer in Italian.

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