Riviera del Conero – Paradise on Earth exists!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my Italian get away finished… but it’s still on my mind and I think I need another adventure to calm the travel hunger down. However we all know there is no place like the other. Each place has its own special atmosphere, different people, food, nature, architecture… so you can never replace one adventure with another. You always find something special that you have not seen before that you fall in love with. It stays in your heart and mind and it changes you in some ways. They say it for a reason that travel changes you so you never go back the same. Last year I visited dreamy Amalfi Coast and I was over the moon that I managed to go there. I thought for a while that other places in Italy would not impress me as much…. I could not be more wrong.

In my last post I wrote about Ancona and how this beautiful city surprised me beyond my expectations. Well… if you go to the outskirts this is where you enter Nature Park Riviera del Conero. If you are not a city fan this is what is going to make you believe that magic exists. White rocks going straight into amazingly clear turquoise water of Adriatic Sea. Add greenery and it is picture perfect!

In many ways I like busyness of the big city like London I live in, but I could not survive without nature, its beauty and calming influence. I guess it is called balance.

I only spent 2 and a half days admiring the beauty of Riviera del Monte Conero. First time on the outskirts of Ancona – Passetto, then one day relaxing at the gorgeous Sirolo Spiaggia Urbani. Believe me when I say I did not want to leave this place even when the sun started to go down and temperature started dropping. I was ready to buy a tent and spend the rest of my life there!

On the last day of my holiday my friend had to go back, so I had a little solo adventure hiking in Parco del Conero. I ended up walking for 4 hours. The weather was amazing until around 2 pm when I got caught in the middle of thunder and lightning storm and was forced to hide under the bush. I was completely soaked, but it was fun and absolutely worth it! Otherwise I would not be able to see the famous Le due Sorelle beach which is unreachable by boat off the holiday season. That day also gave me a bit of a taste of my home country where I used to go hiking and mushroom picking with my family as a child. It was like two in one: something new and a blast from the past… a beautiful combination. ❤️

Sirolo Spiaggia & Grotta Urbani


Parco del Conero

At the end of my last day I got rewarded with this view ❤️

Travel far enough to meet yourself.