Throwback Thursday: Senigallia & other places I loved.

Apparently throwbacks belong to Thursdays. I don’t know who came up with this trend but it’s been ruling on social media for a good few years – we can find well known hashtag #TBT everywhere. Here I am today following that trend as I still haven’t shared all beautiful holiday photographs and answers to very popular question: “Why did you go for holidays to Ancona?”.

Whenever I travel for at least a few days it’s never about staying in one place all the time. I love adventure and seeing as much as I can before coming back to everyday life. I believe travelling is like nutrition for your heart, soul and mind, the source of inspiration and fuel for creativity. Destination doesn’t matter too much. What matters is whether or not you can see the beauty in everything, whether you see the details that make this journey different from past and future ones.

Senigallia is this very charming as well as cool and (I’d say) posh town. It must be popular, as that was the first place mentioned to me by my Airbnb host. In fact I’m not surprised at all and I wish we had spent there a few more hours than we did. We were lucky though. We chose to visit Senigallia on Sunday and it was the day when the local food market was taking place… how dreamy! The smell of amazing Italian food was everywhere… how could we not love that?! ❤️ Also the wide sandy beach is for sure the advantage Senigallia’s got over other places we’d visited. I love rocky beaches… there’s something spectacular about them, but there’s also something very beautiful and relaxing about feeling warm sand on your feet. 😌

Porto Recanati is this lovely town where you’d go for a family holiday. I’ve heard it’s full of tourists in the summer and I believe it. I’m glad we paid a visit off the season, because this kind of places unfortunately loose their charm when they’re crowded. All people care about is finding a spot at the beach… how sad 💔 We were walking almost empty streets and I was hypnotised by colours. It felt like walking around rainbow … you know from my past posts how much I appreciate colourful architecture🥰

Loreto is located just one stop away from Porto Recanati. It’s a must see spot if it comes to history and religion. What I had no idea about was that there is a piece of Poland on the hill ground below The Basillica della Santa Casa. I’m not a regular tourist, I’m not that crazy about famous touristy spots, but finding millitary cemetery with Polish flag in the middle and on every single little grave… I felt warmth and pride in my heart.

What I love the most about visiting Marche coast is the variety. I’ve seen some beautiful white rocky beaches and also the ones that are wide and sandy… crystal clear water of Adriatic Sea was beside me on every part of the journey. There was fun and there was some history… relaxing and adventure… the calming nature and stunning architecture.


Porto Recanati


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