Things to look forward to.

I strive to live my life in the present. Sometimes I forget and get lost a little, but these days I find it quite easy to go back to. Let’s take yesterday. It was a long busy and tiring day. I finished my shift too late to make it to fitness class I signed up for. I get out of work and it’s raining pretty badly. I get to the tube station and just the entrance is so crowded that I create a picture in my mind of being squashed for half an hour like sardine in a can. So I just sit down and don’t rush anywhere, light up a cigarette and enjoy it for a few minutes along with hot delicious tea I grabbed in my favourite Pret shop on the way. Then I decide to skip the tube and take a bus. Even though it takes much longer to get back, I love to take a bus home on rainy days. It always helps me to let all day worth of stress go and not carry it home with me. There’s always space to sit and I do so and open whatever book I read at the moment and forget about everything. I look outside from time to time and appreciate how beautiful the city lights look through that window covered in rain. I treat it as my own kind of meditation.

I believe that if we live in the moment, embrace it and enjoy it, we live a better quality of life and we look forward to the future in a better way. I also believe it works in reverse. If we make plans and have exciting things to look forward to it’s easier to embrace even the least pleasant moments in the present.

It’s almost December, equally with May, my favourite month of the year. I love Christmas, so I always get excited and look forward to this magical time. I’m not going back home for Christmas again, which simply sucks, but what makes me feel better is the fact that I have amazing flatmates and we can make our own Christmas. There’s also something in giving little gifts. There’s something magical about the atmosphere and the Christmas lights and tree and favourite Christmas songs. I can’t wait to decorate the flat and bake Christmas cookies! Roll on Christmas✨

I start counting days to my home holiday in January when I’ll finally be able to see everyone again after longest break ever since I moved to UK. I’ll see my sisters and my baby brother who was born on Wednesday (yes I’m 24 and I have a baby brother 😃).

I look forward to spending time with my friends in Winter Wonderland today. Bring on mulled wine! 🍷

I’m excited about New Year coming soon. As much as I don’t believe in a famous phrase that people love to say: ” New Year, new me.” There is something special about starting New Year. There’s some kind of unity, even more than in Christmas. Because welcoming new year is something that involves all of us on this planet. We all say hello to the new and say goodbye to old. People gather in squares, fields, on the hills at midnight, watch fireworks, laugh and cry and say wishes to each other. It’s simply mesmerising and beautiful!

For the first time in my life I actually I have ideas and plans for pretty much whole year. I know it’s crucial to be flexible about plans, because as life goes on, unexpected things happen, so I am ready for that. But the fact that I have a big idea for myself is just something that adds to excitement about upcoming 2020. But I think it’s important for now that I keep them to myself and maybe the few closest people I have.

What I wanted to point out today is that very often the most exciting things in life are those considered as simplest and smallest ones. If we can get excited about little things, just imagine how excited we can get and how much we can enjoy the bigger and maybe more life changing events in life! ❤️

The littlest things in life is where we find real true joy.