The smell of coffee in the morning. Breakfast and people talking in an unknown language. Ice cold air and city bathed in the sun. Murals on Avenue Vincent Auriol. Autumn leaves falling to the ground. Millions of Christmas lights lighting up Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Eiffel Tower sparkling at night. Christmas market in Tuileries Garden, the bonfire, happy kids on carrousels and mulled wine. Exploring the unknown that for many is just everyday reality….

I hesitated. Should I go or should I stay. But since my Italian holiday in September ended I felt like one week was just not enough. Like I needed to go away again. If you’re curious about the world I don’t think you can ever get enough. The urge to explore is too strong. Someone said it for a reason, that if we were meant to stay in one place we’d have roots instead of feet. And I find it very true…

There’s this song “Don’t stop believin” by Journey and its first few lines go like this: “Just a small town girl living in the lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere.”. This is more or less what I did last week and on the cold Tuesday morning I was delighted to have my coffee and breakfast in one of Parisian cafes. It was perfect way to start the last month of 2019.

I didn’t have a lot of time to see everything, I’ve heard that even if you go for a week it’s not enough…but it didn’t stop me from falling in love, once again… the way I always fall in love with new places.

I want to experience more of that. Strolling through city streets completely anonymous. Alone. And maybe it’s one of those things to do more of in 2020… but I’m glad I started now.

Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it.

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