Here’s to all the ladies in the world!

Usually I would buy myself flowers because they look pretty and I would get some wine and have a little drink and laugh with other women close to me. This year the gift I gave to myself is travelling. All alone and I’m enjoying every moment of it. 💖

What I wish for every woman on earth is to learn how to be alone and actually feel good with it. Many of us pretend and when we are alone we say this famous feminist phrase: “I don’t need a man.” (usually said in annoyed and angry tone). This phrase should be upgraded to: “I don’t need a man or anyone to make me happy. Only me.” If we are not making ourselves happy then no one will. Other people, whether it is family, friends or a partner can only add value to our already beautiful life. I am wishing this for women today, because it is our day and it is about us, but in reality I wish it for all of us. There is many people out there struggling with being alone and I hope they find that it can be beautiful in many ways and sometimes it is much needed to figure out what we want in life and not settle for what others tell us we should be.

Happy International Women’s Day❣️

Be fierce. Be bold. Be brave. Be you.

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