Solo Adventure: Portugal

They say to write from a place you are at in this moment and it is the best thing that writer can do, but if there is a moment or a period of time from the past you can not get out of your head, it should be put down on paper. Everything is a good inspiration. Our present, past and future; our joy, sadness, funny moments and even moments of bitterness and anger are all reasons to write.

The moment I want to go back to is my journey to the airport in Lisbon and then getting through the gates and then sitting on the plane waiting for departure. I have never seen airport so empty in my entire life and for a second there I was hoping my flight was cancelled. And never have I ever felt so sad while leaving my travel destination. Let me stop right here and say: I did not find the love of my life in there. However, I got the chance to meet some great people. Some of them were the same as me: travelling alone and discovering a new place without exact plan and some of them: lovely locals, that helped me connect better to the place. From what I experienced was, that travelling solo opens you up more. You walk streets of unknown cities or have those little adventures alone. You can go on for hours without talking to anyone, which allows you to absorb the atmosphere of the place. You take it all in, as you see it, without anyone alse’s unnecessary opinions and complaining that you stop to take photos too often. You just do whatever you please. However, let’s be honest. If you just wanted to go somewhere completely alone or not to talk to anyone at all, you would go on a quiet retreat in the middle of nowhere with the rule of being silent at all times or maybe a desert island, right? Travelling solo is not just seeing new places or trying new foods and drinks. It is sitting in a nice cafe or restaurant and suddenly having little conversation with a waiter/waitress who happens to be local and asking them how life is there, then telling them about your experience so far, maybe asking them for some tips on how to enrich your adventure even more. It is seeing that fun group of friends sitting next to you and giving them a friendly smile, then starting a conversation and later on having fun at the party with them and actually feel like a local. All of those moments make us feel more connected and present and give us this sense of belonging. Apart from not speaking a word of Portuguese I did not feel like a stranger. It is because I was not afraid of putting myself out there to be on my own around other people. I was present. I was living in the moment.

I spent only 3 days in Porto and 4 days in Lisbon, but for some reason it did not feel like a blast. When it came to the moment of my journey back to London, I did not feel like time in Portugal just flew by. It felt like time slowed down while I was there, in a good way. I felt like I was long enough to experience both cities from different angles, but still craved for more.



Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais


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