Humanity – what we all have in common.

Two days ago I wrote about the truth, how important it is for me to ask questions about everything and seek answers from variety of sources to make up my own mind about things, situations and to share the knowledge and my beliefs with others. I hoped and still hope to inspire a few or more people to do the same.

Today, without taking away importance of the truth, I want to put that aside for a moment and focus on what unites all of us.

Whatever our beliefs are, the one thing we all have in common is that we’re all human and if we didn’t think that before, we can all agree now, that we live in very uncertain times.

Whatever we believe is the problem and the danger at the moment, the fear will follow. Fear about many things like catching the virus, dying, loosing a job or what’s worse loosing loved ones. When I found out about things I believe are true, also the fear followed. Everything I mentioned is scary and the first reaction will always be fear and worrying. I’m all for feeling every emotion that comes, it’s the rule of living beautiful and colourful life, to be vulnerable. To let yourself feel.

The question is not: “What do you feel?”, but “Which feeling or emotion are you going to give in to?”. We can’t choose how we feel, but we have a choice of how we want to feel and once we decide we know ourselves enough to make steps towards desired state of mind. Negative emotions are toxins, they can create chronic stress that damages your immune system. You can read or listen about it, but in reality you don’t need to do that. When you listen and observe your body you notice how it reacts to emotions. Have you ever had a broken heart? Feeling sad and stressed robs you of energy and willingness to do anything and even looking after yourself. All you want to do is stay in bed, wear favourite pjs, order takeaway and watch sad movies. You get more depressed and at some point you kind of want to quit your job, because you don’t want anyone to see you like this. It happens when you give in to this feeling. The same is with fear. Let’s say we are all scared of catching virus, so what do we do? We stay indoors, or when we go to the shop out of necessity we wear a face mask. In return we don’t get enough of fresh air, sunshine and our immunity is going down. What follows ? More fear, that now our system is even more vulnerable and it’s easier for it to catch anything.

Sadness, fear, helplessness, hopelessness, shame, grief…and so on. These are the feelings that once allowed to overtake our lives make us mentally shrink, doubt ourselves, our abilities, talents, underestimate the power we have over our life and influence we have on others.

Next time you feel negative emotions remind yourself that you only have one life to live. At the end, the length of your life won’t matter. What will, is how much you loved, how you made other people feel, what did you do for yourself to add meaning to your life, how much kindness you spread, what did you do for humanity. It doesn’t matter how long you live, how you use the time you have is what’s important. Next time you feel negative emotions, don’t try to push them away, but also don’t let them take over your life. Look for the source of it and the solution how can you improve to live your life to the fullest, regardless the circumstances.

Next time you are in a place where you find yourself wanting to laugh at or to shame, scare, humiliate someone for whatever reason, ask yourself: “Is that really necessary?” and “How am I gonna influence this person’s feelings?”. And when you ask yourself those questions I believe you’ll find in your heart that all this is better when avoided doing so. You might not like someone, you might not agree with someone, but there are other ways to go through situations. Like having an equal conversation or if that’s not an option, then walk away from it. None of us need to always have the last word. Certain situations don’t need words at all. The world would be much more of a peaceful place if we all realised it.

A lot of people in power don’t care about us. They dehumanised themselves long time ago in the pursuit of money, power and evil agendas. It’s all that matters to them. We don’t have to be like that, let’s hold on to our humanity. Let’s spread love, happiness, kindness. Let’s not turn our backs on each other in the name of differences, let’s embrace our uniqueness and admit that we can all learn something from each other. Let’s keep our minds open and never stop caring for one another. Let’s be grateful for a beautiful life we have.

With love, Weronika xxx

All of our humanity is dependent upon recognising the humanity in others.

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Imagine what 7 billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other.

– Unknown

If we have no peace, it’s because we have forgotten we belong to each other.

– Mother Teresa

So many gods but no love for the people

My mama told me that we’re all made equal

What are we fighting for?

Why are we still at war?

Where’s the love? Where’s the love?

So many prayers but where’s the prayer for peace?

– Trevor Hall

📸 Paulina Bukowczan


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