The devil who wears angel’s clothes.

Yesterday I received the screenshot of a post that said:

“Imagine being Bill Gates right now. You spend 30 years of your life and $50 billion of your own dollars supporting humanitarian causes. You directly save hundreds of thousands of lives in South East Asia by providing anti malaria netting to half of a continent, you drop infant mortality rates throughout the entire developing world by funding vaccine programs including vaccinating 40,000,000 children for polio, and, amongst a plethora of philanthropic endeavors, you fund free educational platforms like Khan Academy so people can have free access to high quality education. Then after donating half of your wealth to charity and pledging 90% of the remainder to charity in your will. Arguably doing more to better life on earth for humanity, than any other human being to ever live. You then hop on the internet only to find a million scientifically illiterate imbeciles that are using the very computers you pretty much invented in the first place, to call you a child murdering arch villain antichrist, because they watched a YouTube video made by some other yokel with the comprehension of a potato.


At first it made me angry knowing what I know and seeing who it was posted by on Facebook. Because that same person who posted it once said to me: “Watch out for devils in clothes of angels.” Also after listening to me talking about my discoveries in relation to the man described above said, he/she would never take anything from this man. However anger doesn’t solve anything and I decided to organise my thoughts.

People who are bad at core also do good things to show themselves to the world as philanthropists and by that covering their real agenda. I agree that this man has given us access to technology that made our lives easier and more comfortable. Things that used to seem impossible or very hard to achieve are now way easier to do. I agree with that. However I recently think more and more about the fact that this comfort doesn’t go hand in hand with truth and real beauty of life. So what’s the price?

When you go to the shop, there’s a certain price set and when you work hard and earn your money you can buy it. I’ve never seen any note next to the number you have to pay, that you also have to agree or support that inventor’s views and ideas. At the end of the day he gave us access to it so he can make money on it. That’s all we owe to that person. Once you buy it, it’s yours and you can choose how to use it. But that’s just what we think, it’s not what real agenda is.

That same man that is praised for “all the good things” he’s done is also a father of GMO that destroys our health. The vaccines that, so said, saved people’s lives are packed with chemicals that in way too many cases cause serious side effects or even deaths. That same man spreads the idea of overpopulation and that reducing the number of people is the only way to save the future of human kind and planet Earth. GMO, vaccines, artificial contraception also our “lovely” modern technology are here to help with destroying fertility causing many women’s heartbreak over not being able to have kids. Then there’s also abortion that lets us kill an unborn and innocent human. We’re told it’s not a murder and that it’s ok to do so, because it’s not human yet and we believe that, because so called “experts” are telling us so. I don’t judge anyone who ever did it, I blame it on media and so called scientists for brainwashing.

I have a question now to everyone who agrees with idea of reducing human population. If there was no reproduction prevention or abortion, but they still said that the only way to save the future of human kind and our planet Earth, the number of people have to be reduced, so they have to eliminate(kill) certain number of us. Let’s say they’d do it in a nice humanitarian way without any tricks and asked for volunteers. Would you volunteer?

The list goes on. The technology we love so much for making our lives easier has given us more health issues than just infertility plus it’s the tool to manipulate us in ways we often don’t notice. There are techniques invisible to human eye. And the technology that’s being rolled out now it’s another level of madness, it’s about total control. They present it to us, as if it’s for our own good. The current “situation” we’re having has been created for this very purpose, it didn’t occur naturally or accidentally. Viruses don’t occur naturally, they are created. That’s what science says. So they created the problem to get the reaction from people, so they can give us their “solution”.

The man who’s described in this post is also a member of satanic cult with a sick agenda. But the numbers here tell that he gives away most of his money, right ? Well, that’s his way of shutting people’s mouth. His way to get people to agree with him. The funny thing is that even with giving away, as much, as it’s said in the post he’s still left with at least several billions and constant huge income for his own use. He might not be directly involved with everything, but someone else that’s been payed by him may be and this how the army against humanity is built. He has money so he has power over media, governments, universities, foundations, military forces, religious institutions, laws etc. For a man like this it’s easy to show himself only in a good light, to burn every single evidence of his evil nature. This is how anyone who somehow managed to get to opposing informations is called conspiracy theorist, a lunatic, a mad man that should be censored, banned, eliminated.

When you look at history Hitler also had his followers. He couldn’t do what he did alone. We all know he was evil, but somehow he still got many people to follow him. To do so you can’t be dumb, you can’t be stupid, because no one wants o follow a fool. You have to be genius. And that reminds me of Dr Buttar’s quote, I believe I’ve mentioned before, but it’s worth repeating:

“You know Hitler was a bad guy, but he was genius. The play they have made is genius. It’s evil, but it’s genius. The way they have orchestrated everything and put it together and it is so unbelievable. There’s been no movie or anything that’s ever been put together that shows how intricate and yet simple (it is) using human emotion of fear, that they have created this entire component.”

Yes, I believe that man I’m talking about is a modern Hitler and other bad guys from history. He’s even more powerful though, because he has modern technology as back up and I believe all these things not based on just one video, as this very intelligent person has written in the post quoted above. You don’t have to be highly educated and have university diploma to have knowledge. There are many ways of education that don’t require going to school. And just because certain things and facts are not approved by “specialists”, governments and the law of this world does not mean they are any less true.

I hope more people open their eyes to the fact that just because someone has a title and is in position to lead, does not mean he wants good for human kind.

In addition to all this, I don’t judge or I don’t intend to offend anyone who thinks differently to me. I’ve seen many people calling each other ‘names’ just because they have a difference of opinion. I’ve seen it in my family, amongst my friends, mates and strangers. This is what happens when people close their minds and hearts and are led by fear. Humans can only survive and win when led by respect and love to one another. For this to happen everyone needs to open their minds and try to put themselves in someone else’s shoes sometimes, remind themselves of what compassion is. I’ll always fight for it and stand by this truth, that I have the right to express my point of view and my beliefs without being attacked for it and let others do the same no matter what they believe in.

“We are love. That’s what we are. Everything else is what we are programmed to perceive that we are and that’s the enslavement.”

David Icke
“The love of servitude cannot be established except as the result of a deep, personal revolution in human minds and bodies. To bring out that revolution we require, among others, the following discoveries and inventions. First, a greatly improved technique of suggestion(…). Second, a fully developed science of human differences, enabling government managers to assign any given individual to his or her proper place in the social and economic hierarchy. Third (…), a substitute for alcohol and the other narcotics, something at once less harmful and more pleasure-giving than gin or heroin. And fourth(…), a foolproof system of eugenics, designed to standardise the human product and so to facilitate the task of the managers.”

Aldous Huxley on his book “Brave New World”
“Gods, they’ll come for you
They’re on the news
Front, back and center pages
Gods, I will pray
They’re on the chase
They put our kids in cages”

Nothing But Thieves “Gods”
“If you’re unique self then other people who come from a different point of view will think you’re strange they’ll think you’re crazy they’ll think you’re dangerous, but that’s for them to sort out (…) I’m just being me.”

David Icke
“When people are telling you what you can’t say, say it louder, say it more often.”

David Icke

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